Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"Works For Me" Wednesday

Shannon from Rocks In My Dryer has started a fun Wednesday tradition--sharing an idea that "works for you." Here's one I used yesterday while my son played outside. Since buying this greeting card organizer, I never miss a date. It's simply a book with a pocket for each month's special cards and a few pages of addresses in the back. I pick up 10-cent cards at thrift stores all year long and insert them in the appropriate pockets. I never have to hunt for a calendar or a card. It's like the pantry principle for stationery!

One more: I am so bad about forgetting snacks and drinks for car errands. When my mom brought us a case of bottled waters, I didn't want to put them in the refrigerator. I knew everyone would drink them instead of filtered water in a glass. Instead, I threw them in this basket in the carport. Now they're easy to grab for a walk or a drive, even after the house is locked.


Shannon said...

Two great ideas!

Baleboosteh said...

Meredith, I have seen these card organisers around (even passed one up in a charity shop last week)and I have always wondered if they would work for me or not. I think you have convinced me. Even though I write the dates faithfully in my diary each January I am always forgetting birthdays, anniversaries etc. Getting out to buy cards in time isn't always easy (and finding nice bargain ones even harder). When I have bought in advance I've often lost them long before the date. I always feel so bad about missing these occasions. I really do think this would help. With two little ones under 4, another due in December and a small, over-cluttered apartment I really need strategies that will save me time and, more importantly, stress!

Your blog is always such a source of inspiration. Thank you so much!

mothersong said...

I keep bottled water in each car. It started because I just didn't get around to carrying them in with the groceries, but it works so well that now I do it on purpose. Both my high school daughters take a bottle of water to school each day, and they never forget now. It's $1 to buy water at school. It also comes in handy on car trips when I forget.

It won't work as well now that it's getting hot outside, though. Up until now it was like having drinks in the frig!

It still really bothers me to use all those plastic bottles.

T!ff@ny said...

Those are both great ideas!! This mom will start implementing both of them ASAP!

Nettie said...

I really need to do the card calendar idea. I'm always noticing important events the day of the even when it shows up on my regular calendar.

MommyLydia said...

This works for pop too.

To avoid buying pop at McDonald's, etc, (or worse at the pop machines at work) when I was at Boeing I kept a 12-pack or two in the trunk of the car. I went out to the parking lot and grabbed one to drink when I wanted it. Here in the Pacific Northwest, 3/4 of the year, this kept them cool enough by itself. Beyond that - I had to hope I worked in a building with ice.

Anonymous said...

I have a card calendar book, too (Hallmark, yet a thrift store find!) - I just need to remember to use it. I started the year out well and remembered January's birthdays, etc. I think what I'm going to do is put the birthdays into my Yahoo calendar online as well so I'll have a reminder pop-up here on the computer. I also have a whole box of cards (I make them and also swap with other crafters) that I need to actually start giving away, LOL.

Another suggestion I heard once for sending cards was to send all your cards for the month at the beginning of the month. Some people might get theirs early, but that's better than late or never, right?