Saturday, May 13, 2006

TN Gardenweb Plant Swap

The Tennessean's consumer columnist has all the details about this year's free Gardenweb plant swap held in Hohenwald, TN.

If you go, don't forget that you aren't too far from either of the two Mennonite bulk food stores, as well--one between Hohenwald and Summertown, the other just outside Lobelville.

If you like to camp, you can take advantage of free rustic campsites at Meriwether Lewis National Historic Site just off the Natchez Trace (just a few minutes from the first Mennonite store).

We have also camped at the secluded Mousetail Landing State Park on the banks of the Tennessee River (closer to the 1-40 exit and the Cane Creek Market). Sounds like a fun weekend trip for someone who's not this pregnant!


AnnMarie said...

I'm sure Hohenwald, TN, doesn't come up all that often. Amazingly, I actually know of the place, as it is home to The Elephant Sanctuary, my favorite charity. So, if you go the plant swap, stop by! (Unfortunately, you cannot see the elephants, although they are currently raising funds to build an education center which will have live camera feeds of the grounds.) If we ever win the lottery, I will be able to afford to attend both..... (some might say, if you win the lottery, why would you go to a plant swap? But I'm sure I'll still garden myself even if I were a multimillionaire. I can't imagine having a gardner. Well, for some stuff I can...but not for everything. And I'll still want to save money!

Anonymous said...

When you have the baby and get a new house, maybe we can have our own plant swap here in Nashville. I always have things that need dividing.

Meredith said...

Ann-Marie, we love hearing about the Elephant Sanctuary here. Once I rescued from an apartment dumpster a huge painting done by one of the elephants there. They sell them for fundraising : )

Jordana, a plant swap sounds like fun. I'll definitely save you a piece of this rosebush if you're interested.

Oh, I can't help daydreaming that the next house will have an overgrown garden full of an old lady's lifelong perennial collection...all ready to divide and make beautiful : )