Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pulling Furniture Away From The Walls

More from the lost file of "before" photos. I've also added the pic of the original bookcase across the room (which I restyled earlier this month).

When we first toured this house, we walked out as quickly as we came in. Even our agent thought there must be something wrong with the house design, given its awkward furniture placement. After all, the current owners had lived there 30 years and still hadn't figured out how to squeeze in a table! They removed all accessories, yet a pair of chairs completely blocked the entrance from the front hall. The TV (not shown) sat on a stand not a foot from the sofa. Just walking through gave buyers an uncomfortable feeling.

A month later I started thinking about this house more seriously. For the right purchase price, I was sure I could find pieces to fit. Fortunately, we didn't have to buy anything except this garage sale rug. It "squared off" the room's narrow shape. Technically, we lost floor space, but who wants an ocean of carpet with seating that drifts along the edges? Pull furniture away from the walls. You'll create a comfortable island of seating that anchors the center of the room.


Anonymous said...

Yep! You got it! Beautiful examples. Your "disappearing" coffee table also works. I LOVE that painting Meredith : )

Also note your correct art placement in these photos. Too often artwork is hung at eye-level of a standing 6-foot person, resulting in an uncomfortable, disconnected feeling. The focal point of the artwork should be hung lower on the wall as if the viewer were seated in the room. Notice how the eye doesnt have to travel too far from the top edge of the sofa to reach the bottom of your painting. It flows.

Your photo examples are SO great. I'd like to mention a really helpful book that instructs in these principles "Use What You Have Decorating" by Laurie Ward. You could have written it, however, and your photos are better!


Monica Wilkinson said...

Wow! The difference is amazing - you have created an inviting and homey atmosphere!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog! It's one of the best that I have seen. You are one clever woman, Meredith. Your rooms look lovely.

Mindy said...

The placement is perfect!! Good job!

Robin said...

Sorry, this isn't about your post, but I am already thinking about Christmas. We don't like for it to come out of savings and we don't charge it, so I have to start early since we have a large to buy list. Anyhoo, I was on the Toys R us website and I have noticed that they have a lot of their stuff marked down 75%. You have to dig just a little, but I am getting several dolls and carriers for cousins etc that are $5! (Reg price is $15-$20). If you don't mind that it will be last years model by the time the holidays get here you can probably save a fortune.