Tuesday, May 30, 2006

From the archives: Skirted Buffet

My most requested posts are always before-and-after shots. Unfortunately, I began this blog just as we wrapped up the bulk of the renovation on our current house. However, I'm finding forgotten photos that remind me of projects long past.

To the right is the built-in buffet we designed for our last dining room.

My husband essentially hung a foot-deep shelf made from a salvaged board. I trimmed the edge with molding before painting everything glossy white.

The fabric is a 9' long yellow balloon valance at Goodwill Salvage, which was already pleated and interlined with weights.

We attached the valance to the underside of the shelf, creating an instant skirt that offset the heaviness of the wooden trestle table and chairs. I never did hem the skirt, but tucked it under for added volume.

The space underneath the buffet held cartons of our good glassware, dishes, and those trays too large to fit in the cabinets.

The total cost was less than $12.


Mom2fur said...

That buffet is a great idea! Really...when you have a big crowd over, aren't you always looking for places to put the soda bottle or iced tea pitcher? They take up so much room on the table. And using the balloon curtain was a stroke of genius.

Anonymous said...

What a great idea!!!! It looks so elegant!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anonymous said...

the buffet is clever, but what I really like is that painting! debbie

Tracey said...

We have been looking for a buffet to store large platters and small kitchen appliances. I like the price of this idea way better than the price of a new buffet!!!!