Monday, April 10, 2006

Thank You

Thanks for lifting my spirits. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way sometimes!

My husband's colleagues and current friends have been so supportive of our lifestyle, that even the slightest whiff of criticism took me by surprise.

I think Tina hit the nail on the head when she commented: "I know the rejection of self - feels so much worse than the rejection of food. It is much larger than whether people like your pound cake or not."

The weekend was a mini-reunion of my husband's old friends; the women, a wife and girlfriend unlucky enough to be dragged to a rural cabin. Part of my uneasiness came from having my husband surrounded by men in various stages of permanent bachelorhood, divorce, and second marriage.

You know, the kind of situation when you really don't wish to be set up for comparison! Especially this pregnant!

We spent today taking the assorted kids on a creek walk while the guys canoed. It warmed my heart when the sophisticated eight and ten year olds asked their dad if they could come back next year instead of going to the beach or Disneyworld.


Kayla said...

"It warmed my heart when the sophisticated eight and ten year olds asked their dad if they could come back next year instead of going to the beach or Disneyworld."

Now doesn't that just make it all worthwhile. Sweet babies!

Anonymous said...

Hi Meredith,

I'm glad you had a better day. I typed a response to your post yesterday, but lost it when I tried to publish it. I've been reading your blog for a couple of weeks now and know that you put your heart into everything you do. You are an inspiration with your thoughtful posts. I also have enjoyed the pictures. I found your blog through another link and as an, oh-by-the-way, have family near Nashville as well. I thought about you and your family during the tornados last week and hoped you all were alright.

God is good, people on the other hand are not always respectful. Keep believing in yourself and God.



Anonymous said...

Hearing the kids saying that would make it all worthwhile. After this is all over I hope you will put your feet up for awhile. With all the work you have been doing you should be just about ready for the new little one. You deserve a rest.

Anonymous said...

Oh that's tough when half the group has a long-time connection with each other and the other half has only one thing in common. You are so loving to your husband and such a gracious hostess to have put so much energy into this weekend at this point in your life. Hope you enjoy some rest, relaxation and TLC next weekend.

the fallow field said...

How beauiful your posts are -always uplifting to read. Fantastic about the kids, don't you kust love those precious moments when they say things like that.

Elly said...

WAHOOOOOO!!! JUSTIFICATION!!!! THANK YOU JESUS FOR LIFTING THIS GAL'S HEAD!!! By the an urbanite....I wanna go in that canoe too!!~wink~ God's peace to you Meredith.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Meredith, I bet those guys all wish they had wives like you, and I bet your husband knows it!

Hang in there!


Anonymous said...

More than that...those women know it too!

Anonymous said...

"Those women knowing it" is probably why they are being so nasty to you. They must feel terribly insecure to act this way.