Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Saving On Wedding Gifts

Q: The invitations from clients' children are rolling in about now : ) ...I strive for frugality at home in our life, thrift stores, etc. It is all about other's perceptions, I know, but he likes to give cash. You can't give $5-$10 bills...the norm is $50 around here. WHAT would you do?
A: I feel your pain! As much as I hate to spend more on other's children than I do on my own, I'm grateful that our tight personal budget makes generous giving possible.

I also remember what it was like to be a new bride with little money and a carefully selected registry!

I generally give a gift instead of money. I can find high value gift for half what I would give in cash: a $100 pewter tray marked down to $50, a Wusthof knife from their registry now on 75% clearance.

When all else fails, I buy a set of white sheets. I recently purchased a 500-thread count set from Dillard's (reduced from $150 to $50).

Another traditional Southern gift is a set of monogrammed linen hand towels, which I sometimes find at a fancy antique shop for around $25/pair. I have the antique shop wrap them and include their card.

For small gifts like one would bring to a shower, anything goes. I find great new kitchen items at yard sales for these and often include a recipe to go with them.


Anonymous said...

I will address this idea with our accountant (i.e., writing off the cash gifts) though I think it's been asked before, and the answer is no! thank you for answering in such a practical way. My perspective is enlarged..."grateful that our tight personal budget makes generous giving possible"...

thanks Meredith, Debbie

TheNormalMiddle said...

A really nice gift that I do for a couple I know well enough, but not well enough to give a huge gift is a nice couples devotional book.

We love Dr. Dobson's "Night Light for Couples" and it makes a wonderful gift.

Catherine at Frugal Homemaker Plus said...

I frame their wedding invatation. I started doing this after somebody did this to mine as a gift- it was my favorite gift! I also hit up goodwill for a basket, and fill it with a few of the more inexpensive kitchen utensils and some theme ingreedients. (Ie: a salad server fork and spoon with two salad bowls and a nice bottle of gormet dressing.)

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooo, framing their wedding invitation! great idea!