Friday, April 14, 2006

Our Wedding: Frugal Flowers

You can probably guess that beautiful flowers were important to me.

This was one area where my mom and aunts felt comfortable doing our own (well, with a LOT of nudging from me.)

We used tons of garden greenery and hydrangeas, as well as roadside flowers cut early in the morning (Queen Anne's lace, trumpet vine, black-eyed susans). Roses from the wholesale florist supplemented the garden flowers--bundles of two dozen for $12.

We worked in a cool garage, using a variety of borrowed containers. We had more flowers than we knew what to do with!

We spent under $200 for exactly the non-FTD style I wanted.

We had casual arrangments placed throughout the house, two giant urns of nandina and white hydrangea in front of each church lectern, and pots of trailing ivy with vases of white roses behind the altar.

The ivy came from the garage sale held after Cheekwood's Swan Ball each year. (Yes, I even managed to find some of my wedding flowers at a garage sale!)

I could never have accomplished the final look without the hard work and generosity of my aunts. Arranging the flowers was probably the high point of the whole wedding preparation for me.

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Mom2fur said...

I love that bouquet! Flowers won't be a problem here because my daughter manages the floral department at the local grocery. Even if she doesn't work there (she's looking to attend Police Academy soon), she can still do her own arrangements in the future.