Thursday, March 30, 2006

Make Your Own Robeez

Move over, Manolo!

Apparently Robeez are the latest trend in baby footwear. They are cute, as are the half-priced Target copies.

I had some similar Bobux hand-me-downs for my son, but he spent most of his first year in footed sleepers, nonslip socks, or barefoot.

Are Robeez really worth the price?

I couldn't resist sharing this Craig's List poster's pattern for sale, in case anyone wants to make their own Robeez.

She gives advice about recycling fashion leather from used clothing to turn out custom shoes for only a few dollars. Smart!


Anonymous said...

As early walkers, my all kids lived in little leather shoes. I thought they walked a lot more easily in them than in clunky shoes with real soles and even even shoes like Stride Rites seemed clunky and they fell a lot more when wearing them. Plus the leather shoes seem to be harder for little ones to yank off. Anyway, I do think they are worth it, or at least the knock offs. I think they are better for learning to walk in and better for their feet.

Anonymous said...

Robeez are great, if no other reason than they stay on, although I also like them for foot health. My son wore for them for about 12 months, and managed to pull them off his feet only a few times. Then I switched to Stride Rite soft walkers and he managed to lose one within two weeks. So back to Robeez we went for a couple months, and now that he is nearly two he wears "regular" shoes for outdoors and Robeez as house slippers. However, Robeez have gotten very upscale, selling only to Nordstrom and specialty retailers, so Bobux might be a better choice. I've checked out the Target knockoffs and they are much stiffer, sort of defeating the purpose.

AnnMarie said...

I love my daughter's Robeez. She has only pulled them off during "naps" (and only one at a time, oddly). We had to buy hard soled shoes now for wearing outside, and she had them off in a jiffy. And keeps taking them off all the time. She also pays a lot of attention to them when they are on. She never pays attention to her Robeez!

Around here, we can find Robeez at a sporting goods store (definitely not upscale) as well as the StrideRite shoe store in the mall. They are also sold in small specialty clothing stores (locally owned ones). Their website will tell you where you can find them nearby.

Ih aven't tried the knockoffs, even though they are cheaper, because I like the idea of buying from a Mom who developed the shoe for her kid and then turned it into a business.