Thursday, March 23, 2006

More On Freezing Pies

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I love finding these pie slice containers--I feel like the aproned housewife of the golden age of Tupper!

They stack, taking up little room in the freezer. I try to save one or two slices of every sugar-free pie I make (and I make a lot, since it's easier to make pies low carb than cakes.)

It saves my husband from downing too much pie at once and gives him a selection of treats for his lunch.

A must for the no-flour baker: one of these flexible plastic pie servers, the only tool that lets you extract a slice without crumbling the nutty crust.

Edited to add: Thanks to all the Tupperware saleswomen who have emailed with information about purchasing pie slices through your company. I do like Tupperware, but you must not have been a reader here for long or you would know I only buy it for a quarter or less. Let me know next time you're having a yard sale, though!


Laura Talbert said...

I love those pie-slice savers too! As a family of two, they are wonderful as we usually can't get a whole pie eaten before it begins to fade. All hail Tupperware=)

Laura Talbert said...

bwahhhaahhaa on your edit!