Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Likewise, The Light

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My old fixture's wiring went haywire. It was cheaper to replace it with one in a silvery finish from the Habitat Homestore.

I reused the garage-sale shades and silk cord cover (or what my sister disparagingly called "the hair scrunci you put on the chain." )


Mom2fur said...

I love that brushed silver look. The hair scrunchi you put on the chain is funny. Looks better than an ugly chain, though!

Mrs. Happy Housewife said...

I never thought about it, but it does look like a hair scrunchi.

Sarah E. said...

I used almost the same fixture in my kitchen and added the lampshade and chain cover as well. I moved it from the dining room (which we made into a study) and put it above our kitchen table. It's amazing what shades and a chain cover can do for those lamps. (And I even made my chain cover by buying fabric to match the shades and using fabric glue. The 1.00 purchase for fabric sure beat the 17.00 chain cover that Hobby Lobby had on sale for half price. Shh!)

Meredith said...

Sarah, I made my chain cover the very same way--with a small remnant of silk glued into a tube and pulled inside out. It looks better than the chain, anyway, and that's what most expensive homes use with their chandeliers.