Friday, February 17, 2006

Buying A Home?

Check this web site first! It gives you a map with all registered sex offenders for a particular address.

I also muster my courage and knock on neighbors' doors for information. We sold our first home (in part) because of a drug and prostitution business down the street and the second one because our neighbors to the rear started a business breeding pit bulls.

All red flags that could have been avoided if I had checked harder, moms!

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Kayla said...

I want to add to this, as some might tend to get comfortable with the info on that site... Please don't forget guys! This is ONLY a FRACTION of who is REALLY out there. DO NOT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN becouse you THINK this is it! Several of the convicted never register, some move and don't renew and some just haven't even been caught yet! PLEASE PLEASE don't think this is it!!!! ALWAYS know whaere your babies are and what they are doing!!!