Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006!

Can you believe it's 2006 already? Where did the last year go?

I'm glad to be back. This Christmas break was memorable, though not in the expected way. Three weeks and two rounds of antibiotics later, Andrew and I are finally recuperating.

After going to church and unwrapping gifts, we raced to Savannah to visit my husband's elderly grandparents. While we were there, my own grandmother died from a season's struggle with pancreatic cancer.

We spent our remaining day in Georgia helping the 93-year-old grandma adjust to her new apartment, installing brighter light fixtures, safety bars in the tub, and a flexible showerhead.

If you or your husband are handy, basic home repairs for the elderly can be a valuable ministry. For example, because the sole bathroom bulb burned out Christmas eve, his grandma had used a flashlight to light her way. I take for granted our own relative health and youth--and was reminded, yet again, how grateful I am that my husband has taught me the basic skills of home repair.

We drove through the dark to Atlanta, slept a few hours, then hit the road in the early morning for the four hours back to Nashville. Andrew was blessedly good during the funeral service. After the burial we drove another hour back home and collapsed. I've remained in that state since Thursday.

(Baby update: I did roll out of bed for my 16-week prenatal visit--and miracle of miracles, I've lost 5 pounds since Thanksgiving!)

I've kept a running list of new ideas for 2006 Like Merchant Ships. I hope you'll visit often, as we strive to set new financial goals together, squeeze our winter budgets to the bone, and simmer all kinds of leftover soups to warm our kitchens and our hearts. Welcome back!


Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your Grandmother.

I hope you all are feeling healthier soon and I'm glad the baby news is good.

Here's to the new year!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are back! I missed reading your blog. December sure is a "marathon" of sorts, isn't it? We also had family things happen right at Christmas time (after an already extremely busy month), and I feel today, New Year's Day, as if I am a marathoner, barely able to limp across the finish line before collapsing!! But I,too, am glad for the fresh new start that a new year offers. Welcome home!
Susan, from Illinois

Shannon said...

I'm so sorry about your grandmother. I know you must really feel like you've been through the ringer.
I'm glad to hear you had a good appointment - I always lose weight too. If I could just do that when I'm not expecting! I'm starting to plan now for some serious weight loss after this little guy gets here (Jan 26th at the latest!).
I'm so glad you're back! 2006 is going to be great!