Saturday, December 17, 2005

Of Fir and Flannel

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Thought I'd share my frugal find of the day! A local thrift store had a rack of brand new nightgowns donated by Sears--this cozy berry-sprigged flannel had been marked down to $2. It's the perfect style and fit for one of my aunts. I'm wrapping it with this evergreen sachet tucked inside. One of my husband's colleagues passed along this great idea: collect fresh needles and branch trimmings from a Christmas tree lot. Put a handful into each gauzy bag for a fragrant gift. Instead of purchasing special bags, as this family did, you could tie up handfuls of trimmings in squares of fine tulle (like birdseed at weddings). One yard of $1.50 tulle and a bag of free trimmings would make dozens of beautiful little gifts.

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Roberta said...

What a find! You have some great ideas! During the spring I found our daughters Christmas and Birthday presents. Someone had donated a bin full of brand new, beautifully hand made, baby doll clothes. For about $2 a piece I bought over a dozen of them. Now...since we moved...I cannot seem to find them in the basement. Yikes, better hurry...5 days! :)