Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Visit From The Repairman

The garage-turned-study is largely complete, but we have yet to run the ductwork connecting it to the central air unit. It's not easy to find a heating and air company who has time to deal with a small job like this. That's why I was so thrilled to have Truman stop by yesterday, crawl around the attic and underneath, and call me back with those magic words, "We can have it finished by this weekend."

I phoned my husband at work to give him the price. We couldn't stop giggling with relief--the estimate was at least half what we had feared. Especially since the duct will have to come from the crawl space, through a closet, across the top of the house, and down through the ceiling. Now for the hard part: I have to empty my closet of everything AND practically move the entire contents of my jam-packed attic. By tomorrow, and largely by myself.

I've been meaning to do it anyway, once the temperature up there dropped under 100 degrees. Maybe I'll find a long lost copy of the Declaration of Independence or better yet, those two Christmas gifts I bought in February and haven't located since. If I don't post here tomorrow, somebody email my husband. I might get lost up there, too.

Sidenote: Truman originally installed the A/C unit for the previous owners three years ago. He literally gasped when he walked into the garage-turned-study and couldn't get over the rest of the house. I had kind of forgotten how bad it was in there, myself! A repairman who comes on time and builds up your ego, too? Maybe I'd better add baking some cookies to my to-do list.

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