Friday, November 11, 2005

Folding The Last Towel

My day of cleaning is almost over. I save the big clean for Fridays, so I don't have so much to tidy on the weekend. I put away remaining laundry, change the sheets on our bed, and clear away all the clutter. While there are many things I enjoy about homemaking, constant cleaning is not one of them. Unfortunately, I married a neat freak. He has relaxed his standards since our first year, and I have learned to do more.

When we put our first home on the market, I kept it neat as a pin. Not a room held clutter; not a surface sported dust. Every dish was washed, dried, and put away within minutes of its use. Sure, I panicked every time I got a call, but oh, was it nice to live in such a perfect environment. After repeating this routine with the second house sale, I had a revelation. My house doesn't have to be on sale to look this nice every day. I fall short of the mark every week, but I finally gained confidence in my ability to clean. Now if only I could have those random realtor calls to keep me on my toes...

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