Thursday, October 27, 2005

So Much For The Christmas Card Photo

We never get a good photo of all three of us. This year, I was really hoping to get one for our Christmas card. For once, I'm ahead of the game. I found some beautiful Crane cards for 25 cents a pack at a yard sale. I already have the envelopes addressed. All I need is one decent photo for our faraway friends and relatives and the time to write a short personal note to each.

At least until tonight's accident. My little one rushed to tell his father all about the sugar-free chocolate cookies we had made. He flung himself into Daddy's arms for some welcome-home horseplay when kerplunk. One minute he was over the shoulder; the next, forehead first onto the hardwood floor. A giant egg-sized lump appeared instantly, his pale skin pooling with blue blood underneath. I stopped crying long enough to call the pediatrician's triage nurse. I have to wake him every three hours tonight for safety. Good thing the Internet can keep me occupied, but I have a feeling I can kiss those earlybird Christmas photos goodbye.

By the way, did you know you can order your Christmas stamps online, saving yet another gallon of gas? This year's gingerbread cookie stamps are almost enough to tempt me from my classic Madonna and child. I think I'll buy a hundred of those so I can have a religious stamp to use all year.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I hope he's doing ok. I had a "drop my son on his head" incident when he was younger. It's very scary.

Anonymous said...

So sorry about the lump! :-( And thanks for the reminder to order my stamps . . . off to check out the gingerbread men. :)

Meredith said...

Quick update: everything's okay. He scared me to death at the midnight wakeup when he said, "My brain hurts." WHat????Should I rush him to Vanderbilt right now? Is it possible for a three year old to describe swelling of the brain?

He was putting together a 24 piece puzzle at 3 am, so I figured all was well.