Friday, October 21, 2005

Cindy's Porch

Getting the urge to buy new fall decorations? Fingers twitching as you walk through the mall's Christmas display? Get over to Cindy's Porch, and quick! This site and Yahoo list is one of my favorite motivators for spending less. One of her best sayings is "Shop At Home First." In other words, see what you can improvise before spending a dime. Cindy's Porch also features some holiday planning pages to keep your budget trim. Now if she only had something for my holiday waistline...


Anonymous said...


Thank you for the website. You have given me many helpful sites to visit. Just wanted to say thanks!

Anonymous said...

My Name is Joan. I love Cindys porch and found this site. I am 73 ys young on a fixed income raising with my husband 4 young children.
So am looking for any and all saving ideas.