Thursday, September 01, 2005

Tightening Our Belts

We'll all be tightening our belts this fall, if not to pay rising fuel costs, then to give more to those in need. Prairie Homemaker is a forum of women concerned with faith, frugality, and family, and we've been talking about how Katrina will alter our budgets (and our lives). You're welcome to stop by and join the discussion.

For me, this catastrophe has had a sobering effect. Pointless errands and trips to the zoo seem trivial in comparison to families literally running for their lives. Where I had balked at the gas prices earlier (but continued to drive), now I feel like staying close to home...and not only because going out is more expensive. At least there's one positive conclusion for me. My old excuses are less compelling.

On a happy note, my little brother will be flying here Friday and staying in my guest room for the week. I'm looking forward to fussing over him and making his first post-Iraq visit a relaxing one. One pound cake, coming right up!


CallaLilly said...

Starting today, we are going to charge our daughter (15) $1 for any trips that are not school related. It's rough because she has lessons, classes, or symphony almost every day of the week this year. My dh works in Atlanta one day a week, and gas was $5 there yesterday! Here in Chattanooga, it's about $3.

Meredith said...

Wow--sounds like you have a difficult balancing act, Calla Lilly.

Now I'm almost thankful we decided to pull our son out of preschool and try again next year. There are very few places I *have* to go.