Friday, September 30, 2005

Thanks for the Memories, Mr. Stamps

I used the last of the Prudential letterhead today, five years since I first fished it out of the recycle bin. Apparently the manager, Joe Stamps, had a job change, and a whole box of his business stationery was thrown away.

I couldn't just leave it there, could I?

Over the years we have used this ivory laid paper for all kinds of shopping inventories, remodeling punch lists, and brainstorming ideas.

I cut the letterhead off and wrote a Valentine's menu on the remaining square to commemorate a romantic dinner and our first year as parents.

I printed research for my husband's doctoral dissertation on its underside.

My son wrote his first alphabet on this stationery. We framed one of his better drawings and mailed it across the ocean to his grandma.

Wherever you are, Joe Stamps, I hope you would be pleased by our prudent recycling. Thanks for the memories!


Anonymous said...

I am still working on the mis-printed letterhead envelopes that I took home from work more than 5 years ago! My consumption has slowed down now that I use email alot. But the two reams of letter sized paper that my husband's employer discarded when their business address changed lasted only about 18 months. I used it mainly in my printer but also for note paper and drawing paper for visiting nieces.

Headmistress, zookeeper said...

I had a box of beautiful cream colored paper, thick, with a nice weave which I got when a small private school went out of business and one of the employees gave me a full box. We, too, used it for several years. Lovely stuff it was.