Thursday, September 15, 2005


We were browsing the Habitat Homestore yesterday when my son picked up a Thanksgiving decoration.

"Mama, this looks like a horn!"

"Yes," I lectured. "That's called a 'horn of plenty' or 'cornucopia'. Isn't that a funny word?" He smiled and resumed his treasure hunt.

A smart alecky guy popped out from the next aisle and smirked, "Don't you think he's a little young for 'cornucopia'?"

Just then my son came flying toward us with a hinged box. "Look, Mom! Look! It's Pandora's box! But don't open it, whatever you do--it's full of unhappiness for you."

At least our critic had the good grace to smile and say, "I guess not."

For all the times we spill drinks in a restaurant or leave the grocery store mid-trip to make a point, at least we have these little moments of satisfaction. Lord, keep them coming.


Anonymous said...

I don't see any reason to talk down to kids or to refrain from teaching them "big words". We want them to speak well, afterall.

Anonymous said...

Very cute. :-)

Kim said...

lol! I love it. My 5 yo was telling my husband in the garden the other day that certain tomatoes were ABSOLUTELY red. She kept emphasizing it so much it just tickled him to no end.

Mimi said...

Dear Meredith,
I spent the best part of the past weekend devouring your blog. I hope you won't mind that I linked one of my blog's entries to your entry about the word cornucopia and chastened busybodies. Here's the link:
If you have any objections, of course I will respect your wishes.
Best regards,
(Metro Manila, Philippines)