Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Daytime Television...oh my!

My aunt called yesterday and begged me to turn on Oprah. (I haven't watched it for the last few years, out of sheer determination not to be labeled as a SAHM who eats bon bons and watches daytime TV.)

Yesterday's re-run featured Suzanne Conrad, winner of the 2004 Pillsbury Bake-off, and her million dollar Oats and Honey Granola Pie.

This sickeningly sweet pie reminded me of a Depression-era recipe in which cooks use oatmeal in a pecan pie imitation. Conrad's trend-winning idea was pre-made granola bars, crushed in their wrappers and poured into the batter.

The Pillsbury Bake-off tends to favor recipes which assemble pre-made components instead of cooking from scratch. Also, the title sounds vaguely healthy, though it's anything but.

Hats off to Conrad, who said the $50,000 annuity she'll receive each year will be like paying her to stay at home with her kids.

Hometown hero Dave Ramsey will be on Oprah today. This no-debt crusader has been spreading his message here for years, and it's nice to see he's finally made a splash in the national media, too.

Oh, and the new Martha Stewart daytime show premiered yesterday. I watched her early show while I was still in college. No matter what people say, she brought a level of sophistication and importance to homemaking for women of my generation. I appreciate that.

Drats. I just might have to buy some bon bons after all.


Mary Ann said...

I am with you with the daytime TV thing. I am a stay-at-home-wife(no kids yet) and my fear is that I will loaf on the couch all day. Not to mention that many people seem to have the idea we do nothing all day anyways.:-)
If Dave Ramsey is on Oprah though, I just might turn it on. We are Ramsey-ites as well.:-)

Anonymous said...

I have an old Amish recipe for an oatmeal pie. It's pretty good, but certainly not health food.

mothersong said...

I can't waste time watching daytime television, because I'm too busy wasting time on the computer!

I'll have to watch Dave Ramsey, though.


car said...

Keep up the good work spreading good values. Too bad Martha got caught making a little extra money, but you have to love a country that lets people pay their perceived debt to society and go back to making millions!

Meredith said...

Call me dense. I can't tell if that last commenter was being tongue in cheek or not!

I still say if she hadn't been Martha Stewart, she would never have had to go to jail.

And no, I missed the show again TODAY. I'm going to have to set my VCR to tape it and then watch a week's worth at a time. At least I can fast forward through the commercials that way ;)

Kim said...

Meredith, we listened to Dave's radio show on cd all the way to Texas and back. My hubby became a member of his Total Money Makeover club for a month and was able to download 3 months worth of shows. So we keep entertained and fired up on our trips.

Meredith said...

Great idea!