Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Brainstorming At Home Business Ideas

My goal is to devise at least three realistic ideas for home businesses that would suit me.

My husband says it's as though a great idea is on the tip of my tongue, but I can't quite spit it out.

Founder Doris Christopher describes brainstorming in her new book, Pampered Chef: Story of One Of America's Most Beloved Companies.

With her youngest off to kindergarten, Christopher realized she wanted to work, yet not work. She and her husband sat at the kitchen table and made a list of possibilities, given her skills as a home economist.

They nixed catering and restaurants as too time consuming, settling on a teaching-style presentation of quality kitchen goods. Christopher borrowed $3,000 from a life insurance policy and set up inventory in her basement.

Well, we all know how that turned out!

This excellent article by Shelley Noonan lists some questions to consider as you brainstorm ideas for a Proverbs 31-style home business.

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Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. Keep sharing your research on home based business. I'm gleaning a lot.

I currently work PT (am able to take my 13 month old with me) but I see a time quickly when that may not work (trying to remain optomistic). I'm looking for plan A and plan B. It's not in my heart to leave him with someone.

The biggest complication for us is that we have medical insurance through my job and individual coverage isn't a viable option.

God knows...