Sunday, August 21, 2005

Ripping and Spackling

Demolition is always more fun than real work.

This weekend we finally removed the perpetually running toilet, institutional sink, and peeling tile from our half bath. Hurray!

Husband covered up the damage with a cool new spackle: it trowels on pink and dries to white.

Now that a thin layer of sanding dust has landed on the adjoining bedroom, it's time for my remodeling role: clean up and painting.

This dingy little bath needs some sparkle. I'd like to do some freehand faux painting instead of wallpaper, but I can't decide exactly what to do! I hope the contemplative nature of priming will help me come up with an idea.

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mothersong said...

Our families DO have a lot in common. We started enclosing our back porch this weekend, making it into a home office for my husband. We are painting every room, including the bedrooms, and putting down a new floor in the entry and the kitchen. We are also re-finishing the existing hard wood floors in our living room and bedrooms.

School starts for my husband and kids next week, so we hope to get the new room finished by the weekend. Painting is my job, as well, during the day. I am hoping to get up early and get a couple of hours in before my three year old wakes up each morning.