Thursday, August 04, 2005

Keeping Up With Coupons

Since becoming homeowners, we have been inundated with coupons and special offers. Not one but two coupon clipper magazines arrive each month. Add to these the free Entertainment Book and Smart Discount card we won.

That's a lot of deals to monitor!

Sometimes we decide to eat out on the go, or stumble upon a "target of opportunity" purchase. To my dismay, my husband will have cleaned out the car and moved the stack of papers in the house.

I've decided to consolidate everything in a cardboard photo box permanently stored in the car. We don't buy enough to use all our coupons, but they will be with us if we need them unexpectedly.

  • In July we saved $3.00 at the already cheap $1.50 cleaners.
  • We ate two meals which were buy one, get one free.
  • I saved $10 off routine service for the car.

Pocket change, but it all adds up!

For grocery coupons, I eventually switched to the 3-ring binder method. I use clear page protectors with baseball card pockets to organize by brand.

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