Monday, August 29, 2005

I Miss My Station Wagon!

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I had orders to batten down the hatches this morning. My little one loaded his John Deere Gator with yard toys and drove it to the shed. I pulled the outdoor furniture next to the house so we can park our cars under cover. Tennessee should be getting strong winds, rain, and possible tornadoes from Hurricane Katrina. The only thing left were the bathroom fixtures we removed last week. I'm sure the neighbors were wondering if we were planning to use them as planters by now! I loaded them in the trunk until I can drive them to a permanent home. I don't want to be picking up shards of porcelain after the storm moves through.
Thank goodness it's a rental.


Anonymous said...

Hope all is safe with you and your family, can't keep from watching t.v. and my prayers are with all the Southern states today.

mothersong said...

Good luck with the storm. It's supposed to be heading here to the Northeast later in the week. We rushed to put the Tyvek wrap on our new room, but the vinyl siding won't be in until sometime next week. I'm worried about the rain, because we used OSB sheathing instead of regular plywood. If it gets wet, we'll be re-doing all the exterior walls.

Looking at pictures of New Orleans and Mississippi, I'm very grateful that's all I have to worry about.

We've had two hurricanes here since I've lived in Connecticut, and two was enough for me. I grew up in Indiana, and have had enough tornadoes to last me, as well. I hope everything is fine with y'all.

Meredith said...

No storm damage here, thank goodness, not even a flicker of the lights. Whew! When you look at the total destruction of New Orleans, you realize that weather is an awesome power.