Sunday, August 14, 2005

Gifts from My Garden

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I have more fun arranging my own flowers than I do ordering from the florist. Besides, it's much more economical, even if you use a bundle from Sam's Club.

Yard sales have stocked my cabinet with a variety of vases and ribbons. I usually prefer a mason-jar, just-picked look for home; for gifts, I sometimes copy the FTD style, bow and all.

I'm sure I break all the rules of classic floral design in the process, but heck, who's going to turn down fresh flowers?

The two arrangments I'll be delivering tomorrow cost less than $10 for both. The lillies, white roses, and ornamental grasses are about all that's still blooming in my garden.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. I don't think I have even that much left in the garden. At least not in pickable quantaties.

Meredith said...

Thanks! My husband tells me the flowers were well-received. Yippee! I pretty much stripped my existing roses and lillies to put these together, but the rest of my garden looks so scraggly, it wasn't much of a loss.

Candy said...

wow, your amazing!