Thursday, July 28, 2005

Queen of Carrots

Just had to share a particularly thoughtful post by the Queen of Carrots, a second-generation homeschooler with an eye for irony.

I've enjoyed reading her blog lately. Now, if I only had the smarts to add a blogroll to this prefab template...

Wait! Wasn't messing with my blogroll what "disappeared" my blog a few months ago?


Anonymous said...

I am sorry I am not familiar to blogging..what is a blog roll and is something actually gone of yours? I so love your blog and insights... thank you for sharing your thoughts and life with us.

Meredith said...

Kendra, a "blog roll" is a list of links to other blogs, usually on the sidebar. They are a fun way to highlight other great sites. When you choose a premade template, some come with a space for these links already written in the code. This template did not. Earlier this year I was fooling around with the link section on my older version of this blog and wiped the whole blog away. Since then I've become cautious about doing much on my own :)

Thanks for the compliment, though! You made my day!