Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Dim Rooms and Board Games

The heat wave has trapped us indoors this week. I've taken to pulling the heavy drapes over the windows to block any sizzling rays. No lightbulb stays on longer than necessary.

True confession: I even wear my thin cotton nightgown all day at home.

Yes, we do have air conditioning--a 2 year old unit, to be exact. It just can't keep up with the humidity.

I've played umpteen rounds of "Zobomafoo Board Game" and let my son watch four TV shows in a row.

In a row!

We haven't had a cooked meal in two or three days. In a true show of lazy housekeeping, I am spinning my clothes in the dryer instead of hanging them outside...because it's just too hot to walk outside.

Okay, okay, enough whining.

I have a little brother in Iraq who can--and does--one up me with his weather every time we talk. Thank goodness he and all our service people are strong enough to do their jobs so that I, like every other American, have the freedom to sit at home and complain.


Anonymous said...

I can relate on the heat problems.. I have fans on in the morning until it warms up then close everything up and turn the cooler on, we hit the salads pretty hard on hot days, or grill outside for dinner, and its ALL cooked out there, I have a drying rack I set up in the laundry room, instead of going outside to hang stuff up.. or do it early in the morning or late evening...and for goodness sake buy a new board game hahahaha.. just teasing.. I enjoy coming here and reading your posts... thanks for sharing.

Meredith said...

Trina, you're right! I do need to buy some new board games. I think I can name almost every zoo creature by now...