Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tupperware Lifetime Guarantee

Yes, it's true that Tupperware products have a lifetime guarantee.

They will replace any cracked or chipped item at no cost to you. Well...

...if you're willing to pay $4 in shipping to get a small rectangular lid replaced, that is.

The lid, about the size of a standard envelope, won't cost that much to ship. I guess it just costs a lot to "handle".

Thanks, Tupperware, but I think I'll pass. Just direct me to the nearest yard sale instead.

If you have damaged Tupperware and would like to cash in on its lifetime guarantee, phone 1-800-366-3800.

Note: I have had a lot of success "de-greasing" sticky Tupperware with a mild ammonia rinse.


Anonymous said...

I've had great luck getting new Tupperware on eBay. I just check www.tupperware.com to see what they would charge, and bid much less than that. There is so much Tupperware available on eBay it is pretty easy to get a good deal. I just got some smidgets and sandwich keepers last week which, including shipping, were less than the price on the Tupepware web site.

Meredith said...

That looks like a good strategy for buying new Tupperware, especially if you are giving it as a gift.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and erika I checked out eBay and got myself a lettuce holder- the ones with a spike to go inside the lettuce. Needed one for some time and tupperware site doesn't sell them anymore.

Frugal for Life

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the guarantee is a real bargain though. I had a measuring bowl/pitcher (2 or 3 qts) with lid that I purchased at a thrift store at least 10 years ago. The lid has a snap on spout cover that broke recently. I called to use the guarantee to have the spout cover replaced. In the end, they no longer had a replacement spout cover or lid assembly so they gave me a brand new measuring bowl with lid for the shipping price of about $6. I've actually saved it for a gift as I'm on a kick on using glass, not plastic, for food storage. It might be a regional thing but I rarely see tupperware at yard sales here in Sacramento.