Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Cheap Way To Make Your Car Smell Fresh!

My car usually has a less-than-fresh smell.

Okay--more often than not, it's an absolute pigsty.

I discovered a clever "scent solution" on my way home from a yard sale today. I picked up (slightly used) Yankee jar candle from the free box and popped it in the cup holder for transport.

Next time I got in my car, mmmmm!

The trapped heat had softened the candle, releasing the wonderful fruity smell into the air. I still have to clean out the crumbs and gym shoes, but at least I won't have buy one of those pine tree things from the nearest truck stop.


Dawn said...

Stores now have "candle Warmers" for sale around 4-5$ that you set your glass jar candle on and the heat emits the scent, instead of burning it to do so, same effect obviously.

Anonymous said...

Under my kitchen sink it smelled I put a candle {unlit of course!}..under there and now when I get something out from there it smells Great. Yea!! No musty smell!!!...this idea could work anywhere couldn't it! Thanks!