Monday, May 23, 2005

Movie Night!

I've only been to the movie theater about three times in the last three or four years.

Blame the ridiculous prices, blame the demise of the $1.50 location, a husband who can no longer be tempted by the popcorn or the first-time mother reluctant to leave her child at night--all of these apply.

In hindsight, what a blessing.

Stepping out of the movie ritual is easier than you think: when you no longer see the previews, you quickly lose track.

We're not without compromise, however.

When we were given a gift card to buy a CD player, we discovered that a some cheaper home theater systems could play both music and movies--for even less.

After two hours of wiring, my husband popped in some random battle DVD. Wow!

Now we make it a date night by putting our son to bed on time, swiveling our reclining chairs to face the TV, and enjoying homemade snacks with a library movie (this weekend: Gods and Generals).

An added benefit of our movie theater hiatus is that almost every recent title is still new to us. We're planning to make good use of our Netflix free trial this summer, when the evenings are long and our air-conditioned home beckons.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I have only been to a movie theatre once in the last 4 years, glad I am not the only one who hasn't been to one much.
Hello from Montreal, Canada. :)

Anonymous said...

We really enjoy Netflix.. my boys watched/ are watching many movies we never would have noticed..

Anonymous said...

Our church set up a library where families could contribute books, videos, games etc for use. They are logged out in a book to help keep track of them. We find ones there for the whole family and can contribute ones we don't want to keep outselfs and when and if we ever want to use them again they are there waiting for us. All are kid safe too. Keeps the clutter down too!