Sunday, May 01, 2005

I'm Lost In Space!

Thank you for being so patient with me! My blog was either inadvertently deleted or lost in space last week.

Some of the photos were still uploaded online, and many posts were written in saved in Word. Those I have re-blogged.

Many of my best posts, probably like most of yours, were off-the-cuff reactions and remarks. Those are gone forever.

I think I was reading RC Sproul Jr's thoughts about blogging before this happened. He admits to feeling uncertain how much to participate in the blogosphere.

I worry about these things too:
  • Is my posting at times vain or boastful?
  • Would my time be better spent developing real world conversations?
  • Am I stepping outside my boundaries or trying to help other women?

This time away from blogging has helped me crystallize my mission: blogging has been a good thing.

It's given me an excuse to exercise my creativity, to catalog my good ideas and lament my bad ones. It's let me reach out to other moms, some even in my own hometown, at times when I can barely get the laundry done, let alone be a lady who lunches.

I'm going to keep blogging, but work harder to remember my purpose.

When I first came home, I was committed to being a mother. I just didn't know it would swallow me whole.

I learned to stretch my husband's income, relishing every bargain for its short term thrill. When I discovered a wealth of other women on the internet doing the same, I felt less alone.

Before long, I learned that some of these resourceful spirits had an even higher calling: to keep home as if their family deserved their very best.

I had never connected my faith to my duties as wife and mother. Now I feel a sense of contentment that comes from making my house a home to the glory of God.

I may not talk religion at Like Merchant Ships, but if you look a little closer, you may find it in the details.

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