Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sweetgrass Baskets From South Carolina Gullah

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These are my favorite yard sale finds: sweet grass baskets.

They are handmade of long leaf pine needles, Sweetgrass, Palmetto leaves and Bull Rush. Descendents of West African slaves craft these baskets and sell them along the coast of South Carolina.

When we first visited Charleston, I could not afford the steep prices these baskets command. What a surprise when I came home and found a multi-looped example for $1 at my favorite thrift store!

Since that day, I have been able to pick up almost twenty of these special treasures, each under $5.

I guess people buy them for souvenirs and gifts whose value is later forgotten. I'm so glad I've been able to save some of these art forms and enjoy their unique textures in my home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi - my daughter lived across the river from Charleston S.C. for several years. when I visited we always saw the women making the baskets but they were more than I could afford. She found one for me at a thrift shop and sent it to me for Christmas. I love that area. D