Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Library Bag: Dr. Dobson Answers All

I've been reading Dr. James Dobson's Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide this week.

He suggests simple traditions as an answer to parents who can't afford expensive hobbies or trips. Whew!

"The most meaningful activities within families are often those that focus on that which is spontaneous and personal. This is why you can't buy your way out of parenting responsibilities, though many have tried. Busy and exhausted mothers and fathers, especially those who are affluent, sometimes attempt to pay off their deprived kids with toys, cars, and expensive experiences. It rarely works." (p. 69)

Ironically, even a family that stays at home needs to plan for spontaneity...or at least allow open spaces in our routines designed simply to enjoy each other.

In today's world, being at home isn't enough--especially if one's at the computer, one's in front of the TV, and one's got her nose in a book (oops!).

This week we discovered the beautiful Warner Park five minutes away where we can hike, swing, and skip rocks into the river. We even catch an occasional fish. My goal is to plan a picnic day there once a week while the weather lasts.

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